USI Northeast Gives Back Day: BronxWorks

USI Gives Back Day is all about investing in and saying thank you to the local communities that have been helping us grow! USI Northeast is proud to support our partners, BronxWorks, on their agency’s mission to feed, shelter, teach and support our neighbors. On August 16th, 2018, our USI Volunteers served over 100 Senior lunches, packaged cutlery, organized the pantry, played bingo and taught salsa at the BronxWorks Senior Center.

“The BronxWorks Staff does such remarkable work every day to support their community.  It’s a gift that the USI Gives Back Team could share in their efforts.  The NY Metro Staff engaged with warmth, laughter and hard work.  Great day!!” – Mary Jo Jacobs, VP, Producer

There was much laughter and goodwill throughout the entire day! Contact your USI Representative or to learn more about volunteer events at USI Insurance Services – Northeast.

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