NYC Mandates Employers Allow Temporary Schedule Changes

As of July 18, 2018, employers in New York City must allow their employees to request two temporary schedule changes per calendar year for “personal events”. The law request alteration in the hours, times, or location of work, including, but not limited to using short-term unpaid leave, paid time off, working remotely, or swapping or shifting working hours with a coworker.

“Personal events” include:

  • The need to provide care to a minor child or care recipient;
  • The need to attend a legal proceeding or hearing for subsistence benefits; or
  • Any circumstance that would constitute a basis for safe time or sick time pursuant to New York City’s Earned Sick and Safe Time Act.

Please note, that the new law does exempt certain employees including:

  • Employees employed for fewer than 120 days;
  • Employees who do not work at least 80 hours in a calendar year in NYC;
  • Certain employees covered by a collective bargaining agreement that waives the provisions of this law and addresses temporary changes to work schedules;
  • Certain employees in motion picture, television, and live entertainment industries;
  • Employees of federal, state, or local government.

Employers must post the Notice “You have a Right to Temporary Changes to Your Work Schedule” which can be found on the NYC Consumer Affairs website, linked below.

For more information on the NYC Temporary Schedule law, please visit the NYC Consumer Affairs website or view the NYC Frequently Asked Questions.


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