Business Insurance Article Highlights USI and WFIS Partnership

Two Market Leaders coming together as ONE. USI and Wells Fargo Insurance Services are positioned to disrupt the insurance and consulting marketplace.

What will be the greatest challenge or challenges in terms of integration?  “We need to ensure a seamless transition for our clients with no changes to their policies and programs and continuity in their team. The good news is this is not our first experience. USI has done this over 200 times, and in 2014, we had the honor of doing a transaction with Wells Fargo for a portion of its insurance brokerage and consulting team members in 40 cities across the United States, so we have a prior successful path here to follow.”

In a recent interview with Business Insurance, USI Chairman and CEO Mike Sicard discusses how the USI/WFIS partnership combines two top 10 brokerages and rewrites the rankings of the world’s top brokers. The article also discusses USI’s strategy for the combined company, how we will be focused on meeting with current and potential clients to introduce our expanded capabilities, and industry consolidation trends. Click here to read the full interview.

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