Helping Clients Respond to Catastrophic Events

Resources to Protect Businesses, Families & Property

Hurricanes and tropical storms with strong winds, heavy rain and flooding wreak havoc across the United States, causing distress to local businesses and communities.

USI Northeast extends our sincerest thoughts to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. As we rally local support for those in devastated areas, our national team has compiled a series of resources to help individuals and businesses prepare for catastrophic events and their aftermath. View our Corporate website for critical recommendations along with more links to additional information and resources.


Hurricanes can cost businesses billions of dollars in property damage and business interruption losses. In 2012, Superstorm Sandy caused $18.75 billion in insured property losses, excluding flood insurance claims covered by the federal flood insurance program, according to Property Claim Services (PCS). To learn about how to protect your business from catastrophic claims refer to USI’s Risk Management Hurricane Preparedness Guidebook. For help and information on how to submit a claim, please consult our Client Emergency Claims Kit.


To help prepare for a hurricane, and learn what to do (or not do) during and after it strikes, refer to USI’s Hurricane Preparedness Checklist for individuals and their families.

Read Natural Disaster Planning: Expect the Worst, Leave Nothing to Chance and learn more about USI’s best practices and key resources to help clients better manage natural disaster risks.


Useful external resources discussing hurricane hazards, risks, and preparedness activities.

For more on disaster preparedness, contact your local USI office or representative.

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