USI Ranked Among Top Brokers in Best’s Review and Employee Benefit Advisor

AM Best logoBest’s Review: USI remains in top 12 among world’s largest brokerage firms
Best’s Review’s July 2016 issue, which includes the Top Global Insurance Brokers rankings, is now available. Beginning on page 70, the top global insurance brokers are listed, as ranked by 2015 total revenues.


Employee Benefit Advisor: USI ranked top five EB firm in Alaska, Connecticut, Kentucky, Maine, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and WashingtonEmployee Benefit Adviser logo
Employee Benefit Advisor has posted the top five employee benefit firms for each state — ranked exclusively on health and welfare revenue. To see rankings by state in alphabetical order, view part one of the slide show and part two.

Note: revenues used to compile the listing was based on Form 5500 Schedule A data submitted to the Department of Labor. As such, groups under 100 lives, government entities and church plans are not required to file. Any disclosure on Schedule C’s are not contemplated in these numbers.

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