Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Wellness Program

The goal for most employers when implementing a wellness program is twofold: 1) to improve the health of their employees and 2) positively impact healthcare claims cost.

While wellness programs provide reporting results on employee participation and changes in health metrics, companies are usually unable to demonstrate the long-term impact on healthcare expenses. In addition, when an employer cannot see data or evidence that portrays a positive impact on healthcare costs, the wellness program is often reduced or terminated.

Recognizing the need for clients to see the impact of wellness programs on member health and healthcare claims, USI’s Population Health Management (PHM) team has developed a proprietary CORE Health Report that connects wellness and claims data to demonstrate the financial benefits of the wellness program. This report provides clients with information needed to determine the effectiveness of their programs. If the CORE Health Report reveals the program is not positively impacting claims cost, it can be redesigned utilizing USI’s proven wellness strategies to reduce healthcare expenses.

The CORE Health Report is a tool designed specifically to measure the effectiveness of the CORE Health strategy and lays out a three-year plan to improve claims utilization, reduce cost drivers and ultimately improve the health status of members. It illustrates how employers can effectively measure the success of a wellness plan, while incorporating specific cost-saving strategies.

Please contact your local USI employee benefits consultant to learn more about solutions that can improve the health of your employees and decrease your long-term benefit costs.

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