Implementing a High-deductible Health Plan

USI has helped numerous employers reduce health care premiums between 13-15% through the effective implementation of a high-deductible plan, paired with programs to control employee out-of-pocket expenses.

For example, USI helped a 600-life group reduce their premiums by 13% by moving the company to a high-deductible plan. In addition, we also helped execute an aggressive communication and implementation campaign to explain the high-deductible plan and demonstrate the value of telemedicine and transparency tools to employees.  A year after implementation, more than 85% of the employees reported high or very high satisfaction with the plan.  This is just one example of the many strategies and solutions USI has to offer.

HDHP Video ImageWe have launched a three-minute video with additional tips on how to successfully implement high-deductible plans; tools used by USI to educate employees; and how supplemental programs such as telemedicine, transparency tools and voluntary gap products can reduce employer expense and increase employee satisfaction.

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