USI CORE Health Can Help You Measure Wellness Program ROI

Many employers face the challenge of having a wellness plan without a method to measure its impact on claims.  For many programs, there’s no correlation between that wellness plan and its impact on benefits costs.  With the recent proposal from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to better align wellness program regulations with HIPAA and the Americans with Disabilities Act, now is the time to begin to measure how your plan is performing.

To help our clients, USI has invested in an exclusive CORE Health Report designed to help our clients know their numbers and implement an effective and measurable CORE Health Strategy.

For example, we recently completed a CORE Health Report for a company to help them understand the costs associated with claims utilization compared to similar companies of size in their industry, as well as, historical cost drivers specific to their plan.  With this information, we were able to help the company set measurable goals and targets, such as reduce the percentage of individuals unscreened for both mammography and cervical cancer to less than 20% by 2018, compared to 42% and 50% respectively in 2014.  We estimate a 5-7% in cost avoidance for this client based on this goal and others as part of their CORE Health Strategy.

Check out this brief article with more on the CORE HEALTH Report and reach out to your Northeast USI representative or office near you if you have questions.


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