Tips for Beating Holiday Stress

Poinsettia and candlesBy Karen Smith, USI Director of Clinical Solutions

How do you stay stress-free when there is so much to get done? Small breaks during busy days can help you relax and enjoy the season.  Here are some other tips to help you beat holiday stress, which can get the best of us during this time of year.

  • Listen to music. It can be during anything from a long commute to cleaning, cooking or working out. Whatever genre fits in the moment, it can help boost your mood.
  • Get outdoors for a 10-minute brisk walk when the sun is shining, or spend time near a window on sunny days to help relieve SAD (seasonal affective disorder), which can contribute to stressful feelings.
  • A 20-minute soak in the tub can calm a spinning mind and promote restful sleep.
  • Apply firm pressure to the fleshy place between your index finger and thumb for 30 seconds to help reduce stress and tension in your upper body.  Don’t forget to breathe deeply while you give your hand a squeeze!
  • Instead of overextending yourself, take care of yourself. When asked to do something or go somewhere, and there isn’t “enough” of you to go around, use this rule:  If it’s not an absolute Yes, it’s a No!
  • Laughter really is the best medicine.  It can reduce stress hormones AND help immune cells function better.
  • Don’t forget to take time to stop and think of the things for which you’re thankful.  This can instantly reduce stress and change your outlook and mood!

As they say, it’s important to “stop and smell the roses.”  During this season instead of roses, don’t forget to relax, enjoy yourself, and take time to stop and smell the poinsettias and pine.

From our USI family to yours, Happy Holidays! 

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